• I am easily satisfied, with the very best.

    - Winston Churchill

  • In 1866, William Green & Son was formed and soon became known for consistency of craftsmanship and materials. The ‘Grenson’ identity was formed in 1913 and was one of the first brand names to be registered in the UK. Like so many similar businesses, Grenson was called into action during WWII to make shoes and boots for British soldiers and by the end of the 1940’s was producing more shoes than ever before.

    In 2010 Tim Little took over as Creative Director and CEO of Grenson, bringing extensive experience in tow. In a very short period of time, he has revitalised the brand and ignited a renewed demand for traditional English brogues amongst customers spanning generations. Still pushing innovation in design and using the best materials, they remain modern and relevant while staying true to the heritage and craftsmanship that confirmed Grenson as England’s master shoemakers 150 years ago.

  • Featured in February :
    Donkey jacket, frontier top, worker trousers, and red buckle belt.


    A self taught tailor, Oliver Spencer founded his label in 2002. Drawing inspiration from hunting and military fashion, he blends bits of Americana and Japanese ideas into his own English aesthetic. The result is wearable, interesting, elegant clothes that are brilliantly put together. Oliver was recently nominated for the 2011 British Fashion Awards.

    Quality fabrics. Modern fits. Old-school construction. Characteristic details. Exquisite craftsmanship.

  • Folk was founded in 2001 by creative director Cathal McAteer who had a vision to create a simple collection that his friends would like to wear; clothes that were fun and not restricting, understated yet with attention to design & detail. A quote by Charles Eames seems to hit the nail on the head “...the details are not the details, they are the design.”

    Ten years later, Folk is worn by more than just Cathal’s friends. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, Folk focus on quality fabrics and manufacturing completed by small design touches that complement, and ultimately make, the whole.

  • Aero Leather Clothing Ltd, based in Scotland, have been sole distributors for the world famous Aero Leather jackets since 1983. The company dates back to 1975, founded as a trading company specialising in original WWII flying jackets and vintage US work wear leather jackets. Every Aero garment is individual--a classic in its own right--each handmade to order by one highly skilled leatherworker taking a pride in his or her finished garment, not made on a time and cost saving production line.

    Extensive research and many years of manufacturing experience have gone into every aspect of the design and quality control of their jackets, to ensure that any garment bearing the "Aero Leather" label will provide decades of wear in the most hostile of environments and elements encountered in aviation, motorcycling, open top motoring and outdoor pursuits.

  • April

    Gareth Lee

    Aero Leathers

  • In 1894 John Barbour opened J Barbour & Sons in 5 Market Place, South Shields. By 1917 there were international orders coming in from places as far as Chile, South Africa and Hong Kong. In 1934 a motorcycling range was introduced and quickly took off, and Barbour suits were worn by virtually every British International team for the next 40 years. Barbour’s International Collection remains an icon of British style, beloved by motorcyclists all around the world.

    To this day, the 5th generation family owned business manufactures its classic wax jackets by hand in the factory in Simonside with over 100,000 jackets made each year. Barbour remains true to its core values as a brand, espousing the unique values of the British Countryside and bringing the qualities of wit, grit and glamour to its beautifully functional clothing.

  • Featured in May :
    Type 351 stag t-shirt, s-buckle leather belt, and type 130 slim jeans


    Following a secondment in Kojima learning the denim trade, William Kroll brought his experience back to the UK and created Tender, a brand calling on the traditional skill set of the British craftsmen. Tender has its roots in antique workwear and machinery, especially from the Great British Steam Age.

    Another important aspect of Tender is the nurture which is put into the clothes; in the research, design, manufacture and wear. Tender products are designed to be worn hard but with respect of the strong provenance and stories that are found within the garments.

  • January

    A cult figure in America, Europe and Japan, English artist Billy Childish is by far the most prolific painter, poet, and song-writer of his generation. In a twenty year period he has published over 40 collections of poetry, recorded over 100 full-length independent LP’s and produced over 2000 paintings.


    Vehicle provided for February :
    Defender 110


    The South London and Surrey Land Rover Club is group of Land Rover enthusiasts who get together to enjoy owning and driving Land Rovers. They are a family club and all are welcome. They graciously provided transportation and the use of a Defender 110 for our February image.

    The club organises two trips to Wales each year, greenlaning every month, and the London to Brighton Land Rover Run.

    The London to Brighton Land Rover Run is an annual gathering of Land Rover enthusiasts that raises funds for a designated charity each year. The Run starts at Crystal Palace Park and has it's finish at Madeira Drive in Brighton.

  • Adam Atkinson founded Cherchbi in 2007 with the idea of making bags using wool from the ancient rare-breed Herdwick. The fleece is considered almost worthless and often burned, yet Herdwicks have a 1,000-year heritage and worthy reputation as Britain’s hardiest mountain sheep.

    Transforming low value fleece into high quality tweed became an overriding objective - alchemy in wool. After four years of work and nine weave trials, Herdwyck No.10 bags were launched in Autumn 2011; a new British tweed as robust as the Herdwick itself.

    Cherchbi prioritizes quality over price, and all Cherchbi products are British made, sourced locally when possible, and made sustainably. Though a young company, history and heritage permeate their vision and identity.

  • Ship provided for March :


    Topsail Events is a marine event management company whose roots and ethos were formed by the need to preserve historic vessels, and their replicas, as well as the skills required to navigate them. Although the company also works with modern vessels its origins lie within the sailing barge community of the Thames Estuary where it was first established in 1987.

    Topsail kindly allowed us aboard 'Will' to photograph Murat Atasever for March on our last day of shooting.

    Once the private floating dining room of the directors of P&O, 'Will' is a well-appointed historic vessel with a beautiful wood-panelled saloon ideal for boardroom-style meetings and entertaining.

  • March

    Murat Atasever

    Folk Clothing

    Top Sail Events

  • Horse provided for July :


    Ross Nye grew up in Queensland, Australia, and worked on a cattle station with his brother for ten years. They rode all day long over very rough country, and were involved in all aspects of horse care--from breeding to breaking in, from mustering cattle to picnic races.

    When he moved to London, he was able to take over a small existing riding school, and start his career as a fantastic teacher. He has inspired adults and children alike for over 40 years, through his enthusiasm, his emphasis on safety and correct work practices, and his genuine belief that everyone can benefit from learning to ride.

    Set in the historic Bathurst Mews, Ross Nye Stables is ideally situated for riding in London, along the famous 'Rotten Row' in Hyde Park.

    Say hello to Zach, the regal steed in our July image, when you go down for a ride!

  • For over one hundred years Norton has produced motorcycles that adhere to excellence in both design and performance. Following success at the first Isle of Man TT race in 1907, Norton went on to become a household name for racers and enthusiasts alike for the many years of success to come.

    In 1938 Norton took a leave from racing to produce nearly 100,000 motorcycles for the UK war effort. After WWII, Norton returned to racing and civilian motorcycle production, going on to create new models including the original Commando, introduced in 1967.

    The Commando was popular all over the world for the ten years that it was produced, and to this day it still evokes the same sense of power, class, and style that it did then. In 2008 a successor to the original, the Commando 961, began being produced at Norton’s new factory at Donington Park and has been most covet-able ever since.

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    for the project

  • Swaine Adeney was founded 1750 in Piccadilly, conveniently near the Royal Mews. They received their first Royal Warrant from King George III for carriage driving whips and have been honoured to receive Royal Warrants from successive Monarch thereafter. Since then they have continued to apply the centuries old skills of master craftsmen saddlers in the creation of their exclusive range of travel goods, luggage, and business attaches.

    Swaine Adeney merged in 1943 with Brigg and Son, the Royal umbrella makers, established in 1836 at St. James's Street, London. An exclusive mix of exquisite materials and rarefied expertise, the Brigg umbrella has become an international byword for the very best of British craftsmanship.

  • Featured in June :
    Poplin dress shirt, two button jacket, flat front chinos


    Gieves & Hawkes formed from two outstanding businesses: Gieves, founded in 1785 and Hawkes, founded in 1771. Starting out with roots from the two suppliers who focused on the British Army and the Royal Navy, Gieves & Hawkes was the first Savile Row tailor to provide ready-to-wear clothes. With a large focus on their bespoke operation, Gieves & Hawkes is often called upon to enrich the magnificent full dress occasions of British State Ceremonies for many Monarchs and leaders alike.

    Holding three Royal Warrants to their name, Gieves & Hawkes are internationally recognised as purveyors of quintessential English style. With a rich history and centuries of experience and innovation to reference, Gieves & Hawkes have a profound past and continue to represent quality, innovation and service of the highest degree, exhibiting all the characteristics of perfect craftsmanship and quality, providing luxury that lasts a lifetime.

  • Featured in October :
    Tuxedo, dress shirt, and slim tie


    Over the past two decades Ozwald Boateng has reinterpreted the British art of bespoke tailoring. Traditional craftsmanship and innovation are cornerstones of the House. Ozwald Boateng's iconic contemporary twist, vibrant colours, and refined fabrics offer a unique luxury experience to men of all generations.

    With the birth of the Saville Row House in 2007, designed by world famous architect David Adjaye, Ozwald Boateng has extended its bespoke expertise to semi-bespoke ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, and luggage: an unexpected and sophisticated journey through men's lifestyle.

  • Featured in July :
    Cavalry uniform


    With over 30 years experience in military matters, Sabre Sales have supplied military costumes, military collectibles and military regalia to many thousands of customers around the globe. Their knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff all have specific fields of expertise and are available to help you find elusive military costumes, military collectibles and military regalia that you have searched for high and low.

  • July

    Michael "Atters" Attree is the satirist, comedy writer, performer and comedian who has devoted his life to “Chapism”, the paranormal and conspiracy theories.

    He’s resident bounder at The Chap and has carried out a number of paranormal investigations, including a look at lactating Nefertiti, fossilised poltergeists, government conspiracies and UFOs.

    Atters’ cult following is even longer than his trophy winning moustache.

    Ross Nye Stables

    Sabre Sales

  • Location provided for May.


    In 1973 Camden Lock was opened by Northside Developments Ltd as the original arts and crafts market; a makeshift collective of workshops and traders set against a rich industrial heritage. The early development revolved simply around the old wooden sheds and cobbled yards. As the first Market in Camden, it immediately stood out from London's other markets for its eclectic mix, and soon attracted the vital group of entrepreneurs and artists that first generated the Camden Town 'buzz'.

    Today Camden Lock stays true to its original principles and attracts both Londoners and visitors from all parts of the globe, eager to come face-to-face with some of the capital's most creative people.

  • Based on the Wirral, Davida are the sole UK manufacturers of motorcycle helmets. For more than thirty years Davida has defined the iconic silhouette of the motorcyclist. Their helmets are beautiful, classic, and effective.

    Hand-built for speed and comfort, Davida uses only the best quality materials. From the fiberglass composite shells that are proportioned to each head size, to the double layer of protective foam, to the hand stitched leather lining, Davida’s attention to detail results in a truly effective product that riders can feel confident wearing.

  • August

    Mo Farah is the UK's finest distance runner ever - a far cry from his humble beginnings in Somalia. He arrived in London from Mogadishu at the age of 8, and could speak very little English.

    After first being noticed by his PE teacher in school, Mo was very successful as a junior athlete, and had his first major breakthrough when he won a silver medal in the 5000m at the European T&F Championships in 2006.

    From that start, Mo has seen greater and greater success. Mo holds six national records, was the first British man to run a sub 13 minute 5000m, and the first Brit to ever win the 5000m in the World Championships.

  • Founded in 1676, Lock & Co Hatters has been producing hats for more than 300 years. Being established for so long gets you a certain reputation. In fact, legend has it that Lock & Co once received a postcard addressed simply to “The best hatters in the world, London.”

    Lock & Co is perhaps most famous for the Bowler hat, created at James Lock in 1850. It was a domed hat, hardened by the application of shellac, devised to protect the heads of gamekeepers from overhanging branches of trees, and closely fitting the head so that it would not easily blow or fall off. Originally made for Mr. William Coke, he tested the hat by jumping on top of it--as it withstood his weight, he bought it.

    The Lock & Co Bowler is still made today, along with a plethora of other styles that have lasted through generations at one of the oldest family-owned hatters business in the world.

  • Jeffery~West is the work of childhood friends Mark Jeffery and Guy West. Both born in England's historical shoe making area of Northampton, the duo began creating shoes at age 16, slowly gaining experience in both business and shoe design. From the outset, their intention was that Jeffery~West shoes would be imbued with all the craftsmanship, quality, and pedigree available in having shoes manufactured by Northampton factories with hundreds of years of experience. To that history they would welt cutting edge styles, overt elegance, fulsome flamboyance, develop innovative new lasts, and utilise an array of leathers and colours, imagination often lacking in men’s shoes.

    West has said, “...if you come to us, you’re buying that manufacturing history, but it’s with our handwriting, our twist, our slant on it.”

  • Vehicle provided by Andrew Toumazis for October : Vantage

    In setting up a 007 inspired image, we wanted something that was the right look, but not necessarily a model Bond himself had driven recently.

    Andrew Toumazis' Vantage was the perfect fit.

  • From the moment William 'Rath' Pashley founded the company over 80 years ago, Pashley has embraced the needs and aspirations of its customers and translated these into what has become a unique range of cycles.

    To this day, their designers continue to create cycles that have a style and function unlike any others. New designs are placed in the capable hands of their time-served manufacturing team, who painstakingly hand build all Pashley cycles in their own factory in Stratford-upon-Avon. It is this commitment to hand built quality and attention to detail and that sets Pashley apart to be “different by design... distinctive by nature.”

  • Crombie was founded in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1805, making it one of Britain’s oldest brands. Crombie is most famous for its luxury coats- particularly its classic three-quarter length Covert overcoat, often referred to simply as the ‘Crombie’.

    Crombie began as a producer of luxury cloth, which it sold to merchants and London tailors. By the 1850s, Crombie had won quality awards from Queen Victoria and Napoleon III at the Great Exhibition in London and the Exposition Universelle in Paris respectively. Following these accolades, it expanded from simply manufacturing the fabric for other producers, to creating coats under its own name. Crombie remains an iconic British brand, trusted worldwide for the quality of its products and the timeless elegance of its designs, including mens and womenswear.

  • Lodging assistance provided.


    The Washington Mayfair Hotel is a distinguished hotel with a history dating back to 1913. Much renovated since then, the hotel retains however, its original Art Deco exterior including some beautiful but understated bas relief and decorative features on the upper floors.

    As we entered the final stage of our shoot in London - The Washington Mayfair provided us with a special rate so that we could be close to our shooting locations and other nearby collaborators.

  • Feautured in September :
    Trench coat, pritchard suit


    In 1851, John Emary developed the very first concept of water-proof sartorial clothing for his aristocratic clients, and this notion was later adapted by the noble militaries. Using the two Latin words which literally mean “water-shield,” Emary began producing the clothing, and Aquascutum was born. Liberating many from the day-to-day lives of the unpredictable British weather, it provided a stylish protection and created a new mode in fashion history.

    Appearing elegant yet city chic has always been Aquascutum’s chief mission statement. As an iconic British label, Aquascutum has successfully inspired and breathed life into fashion for over 150 years, constantly refining their designs, craftsmanship, time-honored skill and tailoring.

  • September

    Andrew Moffett



    Swaine Adeney Brigg

  • Location provided for October.


    The City Pride is one of the only traditional English pubs left in the Docklands and has numerous areas, including the Sofa Bar, available for private parties and events.

    The back lot at City Pride proved a perfect location for us to shoot our 007 themed October image.

  • Rapha creates the finest cycling clothing and accessories in the world. Designed without compromise for the most discerning rider, Rapha products blend style with optimum performance.

    Their first collection was launched in July 2004 at a month-long Rapha exhibition of cycling memorabilia and events called 'Kings of Pain'. Since then, the Rapha product range has grown dramatically and the brand has become synonymous with the highest levels of quality, style and performance. Road racing is one of the toughest and most beautiful sports in the world and everything Rapha does is designed to celebrate the glory and suffering unique to road riders.

    Rapha has a practice of collaboration with other companies and designers, and we are very glad to have them featured in the month of November.

  • Founded in 1676, Lock & Co Hatters has been producing hats for more than 300 years. Being established for so long gets you a certain reputation. In fact, legend has it that Lock & Co once received a postcard addressed simply to “The best hatters in the world, London.”

    Lock & Co is perhaps most famous for the Bowler hat, created at James Lock in 1850. It was a domed hat, hardened by the application of shellac, devised to protect the heads of gamekeepers from overhanging branches of trees, and closely fitting the head so that it would not easily blow or fall off. Originally made for Mr. William Coke, he tested the hat by jumping on top of it--as it withstood his weight, he bought it.

    The Lock & Co Bowler is still made today, along with a plethora of other styles that have lasted through generations at one of the oldest family-owned hatters business in the world.

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